DVS Duravend 54BE Elevator Drink Vending Machine



  • Optional Graphic Wraps on all 3 sides
  • Optional Credit Card Reader
  • Elevator Delivery System
  • Remote monitoring / tracking of inventory & sales
  • Guaranteed delivery system
  • Vandal proof flap doors
  • Double pane glass
  • Pull out and tip down shelves for easily loading
  • Removal cooling deck
  • Vends a huge variety of drinks
  • User-friendly
  • Buy one Get one free options
  • Time out features


Buy DVS Duravend 54BE Elevator Drink Vending Machine

The DVS Duravend 54BE (54-Beverage Elevator) Drink Vending Machine can hold 54 different drink selections.  What makes this machine really shine is the intelligent elevator which safely lowers even glass bottles to the product door.  If you have carbonated drinks that you don’t want to explode when you customer opens it, then this is the machine for you, as every drink is brought down gently with the simple elevator technology.

The drink selections can be small 8 oz size cans up to 20 oz size bottles. Best of all, it doesn’t require special shims and dividers to configure the different beverage sizes.  If you need it to vend a few snacks, we can change the configuration to allow snacks like candy bars and chips also.  The machine has tip-down, adjustable shelves for easy loading.

In addition to the state of the art elevator, The Duravend 54BE drink vending machine features a double-pane glass, LED strip lighting, vandal proofing, and a pull-out removal refrigeration deck. It is FCC Compliant and easy to operate, program, and maintain. It even includes the guaranteed vend sensor (laser) which ensures every vend is a success.

You may choose to buy the machine with the standard vinyl wrap, or without the wrap the machine would be white with gray trim as shown in the pictures above.  For a small additional fee we can customize the wrap with your logo and branding on it if desired as well.  Feel free to call us to learn more about this upgrade.

The machine contains a stackable, ICT dollar bill validator which accepts $1 & $5 bills. The Conlux MCM5 coin unit accepts nickels, dimes, quarters, and even dollar coins.  A cashless card reader can also be added as an option which would provide a cashless vending experience and the possibility of doubling your sales. The credit card reader will allow for mobile payments as well as traditional payment with the swipe or the chip. With the cashless payment system, you can receive remote, real-time inventory tracking and monitoring of all your products so you can pre-kit your machine quickly.

This vending machine will include free training (in-person or via video chat), a one year warranty on all the parts, lifetime of technical support and assistance, two keys, as well as the owner’s manual.

Selections 54 Drink Selections
Capacity 270 Drinks
Electrical Requirements 115 volts
Height 77
Width 41
Depth 33
Shipping Weight 725 lbs
Options Card Reader Excluded, Card Reader Included
Weight 705 lbs
Wraps No Wrap, Bubbles Drinks Wrap, Frosty Drinks Wrap, Waterfall Girl Wrap
Condition New
Model Duravend 54BE
Warranty 1 Year
Owner's Manual Included Yes


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