DVS Duravend 40-20 Clothing Vending Machine



  • Fully Customizable Graphics Included
  • Fully Customizable Interior Included
  • Fully Customizable Medial Player
  • Remote monitoring / tracking of inventory & sales
  • Guaranteed delivery system
  • Vandal proof flap doors
  • Double pane glass
  • Pull out and tip down shelves for easily loading
  • Coils or Belts to suit products
  • Vends a huge variety of laundry items
  • Larger coils to accommodate larger items
  • User-friendly
  • Buy One- Get One Free Options
  • Time Out Features
  • Optional Cash Acceptors


DVS Duravend 40-20 Clothing Vending Machine for sale

The DVS Duravend 40-20 Clothing Vending Machine is a 5 wide, non-refrigerated, vending machine which is loaded with great features.  It can vend 60 different T-shirts / clothing items depending on how you have it set up and approximately 300 total products as well.  This machine contains a digital media player at the top right which can play videos and pictures which the operator uploads via an SD Card or thumb drive.  If you would like us to pre-upload your videos or pictures, we can do this for you before we ship it out. This machine can be fully customized inside and out to vend most T-shirts, socks, or other clothing items that would be rolled up to the size of a tennis ball tube or smaller. We customize the interior of your machine for your exact products so it is ready to stock and will vend properly the moment it arrives. You just send us your product samples and we configure the machine to fit those unique products. Our Graphic Designers will work with you to create a unique and eye-catching look for your machine so customers will know at a glance that you offer custom clothing products. It can have your colors, logo and branding on the front and two sides.  This one-of-a-kind customization typically takes two weeks to complete.  If you need it sooner, and don’t need any custom graphics, then we can save you some more money and ship the machine out sooner.

This machine also comes standard with the Cantaloupe eport credit card reader which accepts the swipe and the contact-less NFC payments, and mobile payments like Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, and iPay. The products can be vended using traditional coils or our high-tech conveyor belts depending on your product needs. They offer six removable, tip down, adjustable shelves to house your T-shirts and other clothing items. Each of these trays can be raised or lowered depending on your product size.  We may need to remove a tray if you have taller products. The product dispenses uses either coils or conveyor belts depending on what fits your product best.  It can be easily configured later on if you change your products.

Additionally, the Duravend 40-20 Clothing vending machine features a double-pane glass, LED strip lighting, vandal proofing, dual coils, and a guaranteed vend sensors to ensure every vend a success.  It is FCC Compliant and easy to operate, program, and maintain.  This T-shirt vending machine allows you to receive remote, real-time inventory tracking and monitoring of all your products so you can pre-kit your machine quickly and know when products are sold out. It will also allow you to log into your machine remotely from your home or office computer or get the data right from your smart phone.  No wires are needed as it’s totally wireless

This high tech vending machine will include free training (in-person or via video chat), a one year warranty on all the parts, lifetime of technical support and assistance, two keys, as well as the owner’s manual.

Selections 50-60 different items
Capacity Average of 300
Electrical Requirements 115 volts
Height 77"
Width 44.5"
Depth 33"
Shipping Weight 725 lbs
Standard Features Cash Acceptors Included, Cash Acceptors Excluded
Options Nayax VPOS Touch
Note To make your life easier, we don’t provide cash acceptors on the machines. However you could add coin and bill acceptors for an additional fee.
Weight 585 lbs
Condition New
Model Duravend 40-20
Warranty 1 Year
Owner's Manual Included Yes


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