Seaga HY900 Healthy Combo Vending Machine

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  • Healthy Vending Graphics on 2 sides
  • Optional Credit Card Reader
  • Optional Side Entrée unit
  • Optional Media Link Advertiser
  • LED Display
  • Vends a huge variety of snacks, entree foods & drinks of different sizes
  • Vends 12 oz soda cans up to 20 oz bottles
  • User-friendly
  • Fully programmable
  • Heavy duty, and durable
  • Parts are readily available


Seaga HY900 Healthy Combo Vending Machine for sale

The Seaga HY900 Healthy Combo Vending Machine contains the Healthy You graphics on it but no franchise agreement is required since you will be purchasing this from Vending Machine. This machine is packed with cool features. It comes with the healthy vending wrap on two sides of the machine which makes the machine stand out. There is an optional USA Technologies credit card reader which can be added to the machine. Best of all, this combo machine accommodates a huge selection of drinks. You can vend 8 different cans or bottles of various sizes in the refrigerated portion of the machine. In addition, the machine provides 21 different snack and 16 different entrée columns in the non-refrigerated portion of the vending machine.

The combo machine contains a Dollar Bill Validator which accepts $1 & $5 bills. The coin changer will accept nickels, dimes, quarters and returns change in coins. The optional credit card reader is made by USA Technologies and will accept all major credit and debit cards.

The HY900 Healthy Vending Machines are manufactured by Seaga Manufacturing. Parts for this machine are readily available from the manufacturer and we also carry many of the parts which we can sell to you if needed. Included with the purchase is the owner’s manual, and one set of keys.

The Seaga HY900 Healthy Combo Vending Machine is manufactured by Seaga Manufacturing and it is the actual machine which has been distributed from Healthy You.  Since Seaga modifies the design of their machines from time to time, the parts and firmware may differ slightly from other HY machines.  Parts for this machine are readily available from Healthy You and we also carry parts that we can sell to you if needed.  Included with the purchase is the owner’s manual, and one set of keys. The Discount Vending Store is not affiliated with Healthy You and the purchase of this machine from Vending Machine does not entitle you to programs or features offered by Healthy You.

These machines are classified as refurbished which means they have been thoroughly cleaned and tested. We have tested all components of the machine including but not limited to each of the motors, dollar bill validator, coin changer, key pad, LED display, and refrigeration unit, and everything was found to be in perfect operating condition. They may have a couple minor scratches or very minor dings in the sheet metal but nothing significant.

Selections 21 different selections | 16 different selections | 8 different selections
Capacity 210 total snacks | 68 total entrées | 106 total drinks
Electrical Requirements 115 V / 100 W
Height 72″
Width 36″ (52″ w/ entrée unit)
Depth 28.5″
Shipping Weight 665 lbs (885 lbs w/ entrée unit)
Options Optional Credit Card Reader | Optional Media Link Digital Frame
Note 1. The optional credit card reader is made by USA Tech and can be activated by calling USA Tech. It can double your sales without doing any extra work. No wires are needed as it’s totally wireless. It provides a sales log which can be accessed remotely to see your daily, weekly or monthly reports. This makes tracking product sales very simple and reliable. For more info on the credit card readers, please visit our blog. 2. There is an optional Entrée unit which can be added to the left side of the machine for a small additional fee. The entrée unit accommodates 16 large selections for vending non-perishable food items such as Cup-o-Soup, Hormel meals, pastries, or other meals. 3. There is an optional media link digital picture screen which is a small 7″ screen at the top right corner of the machine. This allows you to upload photos or messages which will fade in and out which advertises products or displaying messages to your customers. 4. If you would prefer the machine without the healthy vending wrap, we can remove the wrap and it will be a black machine as shown in the smaller secondary photo.
Condition Refurbished
Owner's Manual Included
Shipping Continental US / International

4 reviews for Seaga HY900 Healthy Combo Vending Machine

  1. Laurie

    Timely delivery and great technical support

  2. Shelia

    Works just well, timely delivery and the technical support was on point.

  3. Philomena

    This works just well and suits the purpose

  4. Frieda

    Finally, received my package. After looking for the perfect machine for a long time, i finally got exactly what i wanted for my business enterprise.

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