Triple Vend Gumball/Candy Machine



  • 3 Section Gumball Machine (Candy section outside tow compartments & 1″ gumballs middle)
  • All metal construction
  • Shatter-resistant plastic display
  • Accepts quarters only
  • 18″ base and stand included
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Triple Vend Gumball/Candy Machine For sale

Provide your customers with a variety of candy and gum selections through the Triple Vend Gumball/Candy Dispenser Machine. This gives your customers quick and easy access to the candy they crave at a reasonable price. The Triple Vend Gumball/Candy Dispenser Machine features an all-metal triple head with a red and black cast iron stand. It vends candy in the outside two compartments and 1” gumballs in the middle compartment. This machine accepts only quarters. It features a shatter-resistant display, which, since paired with all-metal construction, is durable for many locations. With a height of 43.5”, a width of 16.5” and a depth of 11”, the Triple Vend Gumball/Candy Dispenser Machine is the perfect addition for any location, as it does not take up an abundance of space.

Capacity 45 lbs of product (15 lbs per section)
Height 43 1/2″ (110.5 cm)
Width 16 1/2″ (41.9 cm)
Depth 11″ (27.9 cm)
Shipping Weight 55 lbs (25 kg)


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